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  1. Hair characterization is critical for determining animal individuality throughout life. This study aimed to assess the morphological features of dromedary camel hair in relation to age.

    Authors: Mohamed A.M. Alsafy, Samir A.A. El-Gendy, Amira Derbalah, Ahmed M. Rashwan and Seham S. Haddad
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2024 9:17
  2. Terrestrial organisms are likely to face hypoxic stress during natural disasters such as floods or landslides, which can lead to inevitable hypoxic conditions for those commonly residing within soil. Pardosa pseu...

    Authors: Jinjin Li, Yun-e Tang, Bo Lv, Juan Wang, Zhi Wang and Qisheng Song
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2024 9:15
  3. The wild boar (Sus scrofa) was extinct in Sweden when a few animals established in the 1970s. Over the past 35 years, the species has made a substantial comeback. In this paper, we analyse wild boar population gr...

    Authors: Göran Bergqvist, Jonas Kindberg and Bodil Elmhagen
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2024 9:14
  4. Many animals appear to preferentially renest in proximity to a site they previously occupied. Evidence of nest fidelity is often inferred from a right skewed distribution of distances between the nests of indi...

    Authors: Daniel D. Wiegmann, Kelly L. Weinersmith, Jeffrey R. Baylis, Steven P. Newman and Lisa M. Angeloni
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2024 9:13
  5. The Middle Eastern endemic genus Asaccus comprises Southwest Asian leaf-toed geckos. To date, this genus includes 19 species of leaf-toed geckos (seven in Arabia and 12 in the Zagros Mountains). Despite a recent ...

    Authors: Kamran Kamali, Masoud Nazarizadeh, Faezeh Fatemizadeh, Saeed Salmabadi, Chih–Ming Hung and Mohammad Kaboli
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2024 9:12
  6. Propranolol (PRO) is a beta-blocker drug used for the treatment of anxiety, chest pain, migraine and tremors. The present study investigated whether sublethal concentrations of PRO have effects on the body con...

    Authors: Temitope D. Melefa, Funmilayo F. Hinmikaiye, Felix A. Andong, Daniel E. Echude, Daoud Ali, Saud Alarifi, Priscilla Nkeonye Abara and Christopher. D. Nwani
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2024 9:11
  7. Mammalian skeletons are largely formed before birth. Heterochronic changes in skeletal formation can be investigated by comparing the order of ossification for different elements of the skeleton. Due to the ch...

    Authors: Jonathan L. Sarasa, Alexander S. Okamoto, Mark A. Wright, Stephanie E. Pierce and Terence D. Capellini
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2024 9:10
  8. Most bats hunt insects on the wing at night using echolocation as their primary sensory modality, but nevertheless maintain complex eye anatomy and functional vision. This raises the question of how and when i...

    Authors: Astrid Saermark Uebel, Michael Bjerre Pedersen, Kristian Beedholm, Laura Stidsholt, Marie Rosenkjaer Skalshøi, Ilias Foskolos and Peter Teglberg Madsen
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2024 9:9
  9. Narrow clawed crayfish, Pontastacus (Astacus) leptodactylus, represents an ecologically and economically valuable freshwater species. Despite the high importance of artificial breeding for conservation purpose an...

    Authors: Maria V. Alvanou, Konstantinos Feidantsis, Athanasios Lattos, Anthi Stoforiadi, Apostolos P. Apostolidis, Basile Michaelidis and Ioannis A. Giantsis
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2024 9:8
  10. Birds perform significant ecosystem services in the environment. Nevertheless, they have been facing threats to their survival globally. This special collection assembles diverse articles on various aspects of...

    Authors: Ashish Kumar Arya, Archana Bachheti, Vinaya Kumar Sethi and Kamal Kant Joshi
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2024 9:7
  11. Rhodnius zeledoni was described from a single specimen. Since its description, doubts have arisen regarding the taxonomic status of this species in relation to Rhodnius domesticus.

    Authors: João Paulo Sales Oliveira-Correia, Jader de Oliveira, Hélcio Reinaldo Gil-Santana, Dayse da Silva Rocha and Cleber Galvão
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2024 9:6
  12. Behaviors in captive animals, including changes in appetite, activity level, and social interaction, are often seen as adaptive responses. However, these behaviors may become progressively maladaptive, leading...

    Authors: Yan Li, Wei Xu, Juan Wang, Hong Liu, Jiawen Liu, Liang Zhang, Rong Hou, Fujun Shen, Yuliang Liu and Kailai Cai
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2024 9:4
  13. Sister to the Chiroptera crown-clade, the 50 million year old Vielasia sigei is suggested to have used laryngeal echolocation based on morphometric analyses. We discuss how Vielasia’s discovery influences our und...

    Authors: Lucas J. S. Greville, Lily Hou, Harry A. W. Kumbhani, Beatriz Nogueira e Figueira, Karen J. Vanderwolf, Ryan A. C. Leys, Mathumy Sivatheesan, Thomas P. Pianta and Liam P. McGuire
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2024 9:3
  14. Budorcas taxicolor bedfordi is a rare animal uniquely distributed in the Qinling Mountains (China). Human disturbance and habitat fragmentation have directly affected the survival of B. t. bedfordi. It is urgent ...

    Authors: Hui Feng, Fangjun Cao, Tiezhi Jin and Lu Wang
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2024 9:2
  15. Phasmatodea are well known for their ability to disguise themselves by mimicking twigs, leaves, or bark, and are therefore commonly referred to as stick and leaf insects. In addition to this and other defensiv...

    Authors: Marco Niekampf, Paul Meyer, Felix S. C. Quade, Alexander R. Schmidt, Tim Salditt and Sven Bradler
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2024 9:1
  16. Various anthropogenic activities continue to threaten the fish biodiversity of the East African water bodies such as the Victoria Nile. Although the Victoria Nile is a significant source of livelihood for huma...

    Authors: Papius Dias Tibihika, Manuel Curto, Harald Meimberg, Cassius Aruho, George Muganga, Jerome Sebadduka Lugumira, Victoria Tibenda Namulawa, Margaret Aanyu, Richard Ddungu, Constantine Chobet Ondhoro and Tom Okurut
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2023 8:28
  17. Livestock depredation by the black-backed jackal (Canis mesomelas) occurs widely across Africa. The study on human-jackal conflict is important for conservation efforts in Ethiopia. The aim of this study was to i...

    Authors: Mesfin Matusal and Aberham Megaze
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2023 8:27
  18. Nowadays rewilding has received an increasing focus as a sustainable conservation tool for restoring damaged or disturbed habitats. Many types of rewilding initiatives have been implemented all over the globe ...

    Authors: Ashish Kumar Arya
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2023 8:26
  19. Land use intensification may affect diversity, abundance, and functional morphological traits (FMT) related to dispersal, food acquisition, digestion, and nesting in some insects, possibly impacting their ecol...

    Authors: Luis Ricardo Salazar-Salazar and Olga Patricia Pinzón-Florian
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2023 8:24
  20. This study investigated the reproductive traits of the hermaphroditic four-finger threadfin, Eleutheronema tetradactylum, along the coasts of Thailand during January to December 2021. Fish samples were collected ...

    Authors: Kay Khine Soe, Teuku Haris Iqbal, Apiradee Lim, Wen‑Xiong Wang, Karl W. K. Tsim, Yutaka Takeuchi, Nirattisai Petchsupa and Sukree Hajisamae
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2023 8:22
  21. In this study, the effect of heavy metals accumulation influence was evaluated on adult crayfish Procambarus clarkii (Decapoda, Astacidea) collected from three different Governmental locations (Kafr El-Shaikh, El...

    Authors: Mahy M. Mona, Mai L. Younis and Aalaa I. Atlam
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2023 8:21
  22. Paphia undulata, The Short-Necked Clam, is an edible marine bivalve that is consumed internationally and locally in Egypt. Overfishing and pollution have caused population declines in Egyptian fisheries during th...

    Authors: Mostafa A. M. Mahmoud and Mohamed H. Yassien
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2023 8:20
  23. Ecomorphological studies of lizards have increasingly employed comparison of claw morphology among species in relation to spatial niche use. Typically, such studies focus on digit IV of the autopodia, especial...

    Authors: Jendrian Riedel, Melinda Klemm, Timothy Higham, L. Lee Grismer, Thomas Ziegler, Anthony Russell, Dennis Rödder and Klaus Reinhold
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2023 8:19
  24. Most aquatic biota's reproductive biology and life cycle are essential to the sustainable management and development of coastal ecosystems and aquaculture. The bivalve Paphia textile (Gmelin 1791), also known as

    Authors: Marwa I. Farghaly, Tamer El-Sayed Ali, Hanan M. Mitwally and Fatma A. Abdel Razek
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2023 8:18
  25. Under the family Tephritidae, Bactrocera zonata (Saunders) is a serious pest, attacking fruits and vegetables causing large quantitative and qualitative damages throughout the world. Fruit flies require proteinac...

    Authors: Muhammad Hasnain, Shafqat Saeed, Unsar Naeem Ullah, Sami Ullah and Syed Muhammad Zaka
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2023 8:17
  26. Chrysopa pallens is one of the most beneficial and effective natural predators, and is famous for its extensive distribution, wide prey spectrum, and excellent reproductive performance. This study examined the an...

    Authors: Xiaoping Liu, Xingkai Guo, Yanjiao Feng, Lisheng Zhang, Mengqing Wang, Yuyan Li and Jianjun Mao
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2023 8:15
  27. The genus Sparasion, endoparasitoids of Tettigoniidae, occur in the Nearctic, Palearctic, Afrotropical and Oriental regions. It is absent in the Neotropics and Australasia. Of the thirteen species found in the Or...

    Authors: Kamalanathan Veenakumari, Andrew Polaszek, Roberto Poggi, Kolla Sreedevi, Prashanth Mohanraj, Farmanur Rahman Khan and Gundappa Baradevanal
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2023 8:14
  28. Parabramis pekinensis was treated as research object in order to investigate the correlation between morphological traits and body weight. We measured 9 morphological indexes including total length (X1), body len...

    Authors: Wentao Xu, Yaming Feng, Zhengyan Gu, Shuanglin Zhang, Zhijing Yang, Ye Xu and Hailong Gu
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2023 8:13
  29. Dromedary camel heart morphology is a crucial research topic with clinical applications. The study aims to understand the dromedary camel anatomy, morphology, and architecture of the ventricular mass. Results:...

    Authors: Mohamed A.M. Alsafy, Samir A.A. El-Gendy, Basma M. Kamal, Catrin S. Rutland, Hanan H. Abd-Elhafeez, Soha Soliman, Ahmed N. ELKhamary and Ahmed G. Nomir
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2023 8:12
  30. This is the first record of the alien shrimp Mierspenaeopsis sculptilis in Brazil. The invasion was detected within Marine Extractive Reserves based on eight specimens accidentally caught by local fishermen using...

    Authors: Charles Samuel Moraes Ferreira, David Carvalho de Mesquita, Ítalo Antônio de Freitas Lutz, Ivana Barbosa Veneza, Thaís Sousa Martins, Paula da Conceição Praxedes Santana, Josy Alessandra Barreto Miranda, Jefferson Miranda de Sousa, Suane Cristina do Nascimento Matos, Francisco Carlos Alberto Fonteles Holanda, Maria Iracilda da Cunha Sampaio and Grazielle Fernanda Evangelista-Gomes
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2023 8:11
  31. Long-whiskered catfish Sperata aor is a freshwater catfish known for its supreme flesh quality and fast growth, whose captive-reared broodstock denotes a difficult challenge for aquaculture. The reproductive dysf...

    Authors: Muhammad Anamul Kabir, Mohammed Mahbub Iqbal, Shishir Kumar Nandi, Mahbuba Khanam, Md Afsar Ahmed Sumon, Albaris B. Tahiluddin, Zulhisyam Abdul Kari, Lee Seong Wei and Guillermo Téllez-Isaías
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2023 8:10
  32. Previous flatworm phylogenetic research has been carried out analysing 18S and 28S DNA markers. Through this methodology, Mariplanellinae subfamily has been recently re-classified as Mariplanellida status novu...

    Authors: Íñigo Vicente-Hernández, Werner Armonies, Katharina Henze and M. Teresa Aguado
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2023 8:9
  33. The precise mechanisms of hormone action responsible for the full course of events modulating folliculogenesis in crocodilian have not been determined, although histological features have been identified.

    Authors: Haitao Nie, Yunlu Xu, Yuqian Zhang, Yue Wen, Jixiang Zhan, Yong Xia, Yongkang Zhou, Renping Wang and Xiaobing Wu
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2023 8:8
  34. The Caribbean spiny lobster Panulirus argus is heavily fished throughout its Greater Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico distribution, suggesting a heightened susceptibility to a fisheries collapse. In 2017, a nemertean...

    Authors: Amanda Berben, Natalie C. Stephens, Jaime Gonzalez-Cueto, Yulibeth Velasquez, Sigmer Quiroga, María Teresa González and J. Antonio Baeza
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2023 8:6
  35. Human-wildlife interaction is a broad and complex topic. Due to rapid world population growth, there have been greater human impacts on wildlife through agriculture and land fragmentation. In many countries, s...

    Authors: Edward Narayan and Naureen Rana
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2023 8:5
  36. Amphibians are facing population declines and extinctions, and protecting and supplementing refuges can help species survive. However, the microhabitat requirements of most species are unknown, and artificial ...

    Authors: Qing Tong, Wen-jing Dong, Xin-zhou Long, Zong-fu Hu, Zhi-wen Luo, Peng Guo and Li-yong Cui
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2023 8:1
  37. Gallinula chloropus (Linnaeus, 1758) is a wild aquatic omnivorous bird characterized by a marked resistance to harsh environmental conditions and a worldwide distribution. In this study, anatomical, morphometrica...

    Authors: Ahmed M. Abdellatif, Amany Farag and Elsayed Metwally
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2022 7:61
  38. In molecular biology studies, the selection of optimal reference genes is of vital importance for accurately quantifying gene expression. The purpose of the present study was to screen the most stable referenc...

    Authors: Mengke Ni, Zhichao Li, Jing Li, Hui He, Yaling Wang, Yixuan Jiang, Xianwei Wang, Zhuanjian Li, Ming Li and Huifen Xu
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2022 7:60
  39. In recent two decades, studies of the annelid nervous systems were revolutionized by modern cell labeling techniques and state-of-the-art microscopy techniques. However, there are still huge gaps in our knowle...

    Authors: Zinaida I. Starunova, Ksenia V. Shunkina, Elena L. Novikova and Viktor V. Starunov
    Citation: BMC Zoology 2022 7:58

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