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  1. We used the Caribbean spiny lobster Panulirus argus, one of the largest brooding invertebrates in the Western Atlantic, to test for the presence/absence of active parental care and to explore reproductive perform...

    Authors: J. Antonio Baeza, Lunden Simpson, Louis J. Ambrosio, Nathalia Mora, Rodrigo Guéron and Michael J. Childress

    Citation: BMC Zoology 2016 1:6

    Content type: Research article

    Published on:

  2. Species of Hirudo are used extensively for medicinal purposes, but are currently listed as endangered due to population declines from economic utilization and environmental pollution. In total, five species of Hi...

    Authors: Naim Saglam, Ralph Saunders, Shirley A. Lang and Daniel H. Shain

    Citation: BMC Zoology 2016 1:5

    Content type: Research article

    Published on:

  3. One of the biggest challenges in avian taxonomy is the delimitation of allopatric species because their reproductive incompatibility cannot be directly studied in the wild. Instead, reproductive incompatibilit...

    Authors: Jan T. Lifjeld, Jarl Andreas Anmarkrud, Pascual Calabuig, Joseph E. J. Cooper, Lars Erik Johannessen, Arild Johnsen, Anna M. Kearns, Robert F. Lachlan, Terje Laskemoen, Gunnhild Marthinsen, Even Stensrud and Eduardo Garcia-del-Rey

    Citation: BMC Zoology 2016 1:4

    Content type: Research article

    Published on:

  4. The freshwater cnidarian Hydra temporarily binds itself to numerous natural substrates encountered underwater, such as stones, leafs, etc. This adhesion is mediated by secreted material from specialized ectoderma...

    Authors: Marcelo Rodrigues, Philippe Leclère, Patrick Flammang, Michael W. Hess, Willi Salvenmoser, Bert Hobmayer and Peter Ladurner

    Citation: BMC Zoology 2016 1:3

    Content type: Research article

    Published on:

  5. Understanding host-parasite interactions requires that the multi-faceted relationships among ecological, behavioral and molecular processes be characterized and integrated. The introduced parasitic fly of birds,

    Authors: Sonia Kleindorfer and Rachael Y. Dudaniec

    Citation: BMC Zoology 2016 1:1

    Content type: Review

    Published on:

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