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Fig. 1

From: Micro-CT imaging of live insects using carbon dioxide gas-induced hypoxia as anesthetic with minimal impact on certain subsequent life history traits

Fig. 1

Incorporating CO2 anesthesia during X-ray micro-computed tomography (micro-CT) for live insect imaging. a Schematic of the apparatus for live micro-CT imaging of CO2 anesthetized live insects. b X-ray dosimetry: entrance dose (Gy) for 5 scan protocols at 80 kVp and 450 μA (see Table 1). c Noise (HU) analysis of 3D-CT reconstructed image with 20 μm isotropic voxels from the 5 protocols. d Entrance dose to noise level relationship. Data in Figu. 1b,c, and d represent mean ± SD for n = 5 independent measurements for each protocol. Bars not sharing similar letters in Fig. 1b and c are statistically different (α =0.05)

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