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Table 6 Discriminant function analysis (DFA) of call types a, c, and d. Eigenvalues, percent variance, and the standardized canonical discriminant function coefficients of functions and parameters

From: A small vocal repertoire during the breeding season expresses complex behavioral motivations and individual signature in the common coot

Functions Eigenvalue Percent variance
Peak frequency (PF, Hz) Fundamental frequency (F0, Hz) Maximum frequency of F0 (F0max, Hz) Minimum frequency of F0 (F0min, Hz) Duration of syllable (T, s) Interval of syllables (TI, s)
Function 1 339.294 98.6 −0.021 0.460 0.389 0.700 −0.009 0.072
Function 2 4.922 1.4 0.121 0.003 0.034 −0.049 0.922 −0.263