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Table 1 Liver PLFA composition of rainbow trout in different constant temperatures during seawater acclimation

From: Effects of constant and diel cyclic temperatures on the liver and intestinal phospholipid fatty acid composition in rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss during seawater acclimation

SP FW-28 SW-1 SW-14
Temperature 9 °C 12.5 °C 16 °C 9 °C 12.5 °C 16 °C 9 °C 12.5 °C 16 °C
Saturated fatty acid
 C14:0 1.11Ab 1.11A 0.82B 1.38Aa 0.83B 0.97B 1.04b 1.25 1.03
 C16:0 17.09Ba 17.39B 18.95Aa 17.40Aa 17.55A 14.80Bb 15.53Bb 18.78A 14.56Bb
 C17:0 0.44 0.42 0.41 0.37 0.35 0.60 0.57 0.52 0.49
 C18:0 9.45Ab 7.40Bb 9.30A 11.29Aa 10.24Ba 9.21C 9.18Ab 9.25Aa 8.65B
 C20:0 0.28 0.25 0.35a 0.20 0.19 0.24ab 0.22 0.29 0.18b
 C22:0 0.05b 0.08 0.09b 0.18Aa 0.05B 0.06Bb 0.05Bb 0.08B 0.23Aa
 C23:0 0.25b 0.52a 0.39b 0.63a 0.54a 0.70a 0.05Bc 0.06Bb 0.23Ab
 C24:0 0.33Ac 0.41AB 0.60Ab 0.65Bb 0.63B 1.16Aa 1.08Aa 0.51B 1.15Aa
 ƩSFA 29.00Bb 27.57Cb 30.9Aa 32.11Aa 30.38Ba 27.75Cb 27.72Bc 30.73Aa 26.51Bb
Monounsaturated fatty acid
 C14:1n5 0.73 0.60b 0.55b 0.54 0.62b 1.01a 1.09 1.33a 1.05a
 C16:1n7 1.07C 2.18Aa 1.96Bb 1.21 1.71b 1.35c 1.24B 1.86Bb 3.29Aa
 C17:1n7 0.25 0.20 0.14 0.13b 0.15 0.20 0.26a 0.17 0.21
 C18:1n9 7.23C 11.55Aa 9.18Bb 7.33B 8.51ABb 9.79Ab 7.68B 7.48Bc 13.95Aa
 C20:1n9 0.28 0.21 0.30 0.24 0.22 0.25 0.26 0.30 0.25
 C22:1n9 0.44a 0.31 0.49 0.25b 0.23 0.33 0.05Bc 0.34A 0.41A
 C24:1n9 3.05Aa 2.55B 3.16A 2.57Bb 2.44B 3.24A 3.39Aab 2.67AB 2.41B
 ƩMUFA 13.04C 17.59Aa 15.78Bb 12.26B 13.87Bb 16.18Ab 13.98B 14.16Bb 21.57Aa
Polyunsaturated fatty acid
 C18:2n6 4.57Ba 5.25Aa 4.17Cb 3.61b 3.43c 4.24ab 4.58ab 4.56b 5.52a
 C18:3n3 2.01a 2.02a 2.07 1.71Bb 1.64Bc 1.94A 2.11Aa 1.87Bb 2.03A
 C18:3n6 0.23 0.19 0.21 0.17 0.11 0.14 0.18 0.15 0.14
 C20:2n6 1.85Aa 1.09AB 0.82B 0.95ABc 0.87B 1.44A 1.52b 1.35 1.51
 C20:3n3 2.07Ab 1.26Bb 1.19B 1.23c 2.04a 1.52 2.19Aa 1.57Bb 1.24C
 C20:3n6 1.06a 1.60a 1.83a 0.66b 0.93b 0.83b 0.62Bb 1.05Ab 0.64Bb
 C20:4n6 5.30Aa 4.26Ba 2.72Cb 3.73Bc 3.59Bb 4.76Aa 4.61b 4.42a 4.02a
 C20:5n3 4.36b 4.14 4.39 5.40Aa 4.61B 4.63B 5.87Aa 4.71B 4.98B
 C22:2n6 0.20b 0.17b 0.11b 0.08Bc 0.45Aa 0.34Aa 0.30Aa 0.09Cb 0.21Bab
 C22:6n3 36.31Ab 34.85Cb 35.81Ba 38.09Aa 38.07Aa 36.23Ba 36.31Ab 35.34Ab 31.67Bb
 ƩPUFA 57.96Aa 54.84B 53.32Cb 55.63b 55.75 56.07a 58.30Aa 55.11B 51.92Cb
  1. Note: Values are means of 3 replications. Different lowercase letters indicate significant differences (P < 0.05) among different treatments at the same time, and different capital letters indicate significant differences at different times at the same treatment. Data containing mean ± SD are included in Additional file 2. FW-28 End of growth trial, SW-1 One day after salinity reached 30, SW-4 Four days after salinity reached 30, SW-7 Seven days after salinity reached 30, SW-14 Fourteen days after salinity reached 30