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Fig. 2

From: Four new species of Isepeolini (Hymenoptera; Apidae) from northern Chile

Fig. 2

Diagnostic feature for male Isepeolini and Isepeolus males. aI. mankalunthata n. sp. genital capsule to show spatha that almost attains apex of penis valves (red line). Scale bar 0.25 mm. b-d S6 apical view to show modifications that are different from those of I. mankulantha (see Fig. 3c, d), bI. septemnotatus to show narrow process and medially parted hairs. Scale bar 0.5 mm. cI. luctuosus to show very broad process. Scale bar 1 mm. dI. vachali to show intermediate process with medially parted hairs. Scale bar 1 mm

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