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Table 2 Summarized urinary neopterin concentrations in this study. We sampled golden lion tamarins and white-faced sakis living in captivity, and wild living emperor tamarins, saddleback tamarins, a brown titi monkey, and a Colombian red howler monkey. All values are in ng/mL corrected based on SG, as listed in the methods. n denotes number of samples analyzed from each species

From: Detection of neopterin in the urine of captive and wild platyrrhines

SpeciesnMean (ng/mL corr. SG)Median (ng/mL corr. SG)Stdev. (ng/mL corr. SG)
Leontopithecus rosalia21364.821364.8299.31
Pithecia pithecia5392.55339.38269.96
Saguinus imperator46186.98149.85167.69
Leontocebus weddelli39478.25300.29375.98
Alouatta seniculus12060.31
Plecturocebus toppini11317.51