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Table 1 Summarized SG measurements of urine samples in this study. We sampled golden lion tamarins and white-faced sakis living in captivity, and wild emperor tamarins, saddleback tamarins, a brown titi monkey, and a Colombian red howler monkey. n denotes number of samples analyzed from each species

From: Detection of neopterin in the urine of captive and wild platyrrhines

Sampling locationSpeciesnSG at time of collectionSG at time of analysis
CaptiveLeontopithecus rosalia21.0500.0141.0490.042
Pithecia pithecia51.0370.0071.0390.007
FieldSaguinus imperator461.0120.0061.0110.005
Leontocebus weddelli391.0110.0051.0090.004
Alouatta seniculus11.052a1.052a
Plecturocebus toppini11.014a1.014a
  1. aIndicates SG for a single sample, not a population mean