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Fig. 3

From: Morphology of powerful suction organs from blepharicerid larvae living in raging torrents

Fig. 3

Microstructures on the suction discs of two Liponeura species. In L. cordata (a-c), there is a well-defined contiguous ring of rim microtrichia. (a) in vivo image of a suction disc in contact with glass using IRM shows a row of rim microtrichia in close contact with the surface (black). (b, c) SEM images of the rim highlight the distinct flattened large microtrichia present in L. cordata in (c). (d) In comparison, the rim zone is less distinct in L. cinerascens. (e, f) SEM images highlight that in L. cinerascens, a rim is formed by a region of short, upright microtrichia. Note the fringe layer to the right of the rim. Scale bars (a) & (d): 3 μm, (b) & (e): 5 μm, (c) & (f): 3 μm

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