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Table 1 Immunoreactivity patterns in the nervous system innervating the copulatory organ of Trilobodrilus axi (Tax), Dinophilus vorticoides (Dvo) and D. gyrociliatus (Dgy)

From: Nerves innervating copulatory organs show common FMRFamide, FVRIamide, MIP and serotonin immunoreactivity patterns across Dinophilidae (Annelida) indicating their conserved role in copulatory behaviour

  Serotonin FMRFamide FVRIamide MIP
Tax Dvo Dgy Tax Dvo Dgy Tax Dvo Dgy Tax Dvo Dgy
Central nervous system
 br* X (6/750) X (6/850) X (4/42) X (39/750) X (26/800) X (16/750) X (8/800) X (4/750) X (4/800)
 vlnc (vns) X X X X X X X X
 pmn (vns) X X n.a. X X n.a. n.a. n.a.
 mvn (vns) X X n.a. X X n.a. X X n.a. n.a.
 com (vns) X X X X X/− (only anterior ones) X
Innervation of the copulatory organ
 com6 X (4) X (4) X X (4) X (2) X
 vpc X n.a. X X n.a. X X (2) n.a. X (3)
 dpc X X n.a. X X n.a. X (6) X n.a. X n.a.
 cpfm X X X X X X X X X
 pg* n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. X (2) n.a. n.a. X (4) n.a. n.a. X (2)
Innervation of the seminal vesicles
 nsv X X X
 osv X (3–4) X
  1. Positive immunoreactivity indicated by “X”, with number of immunoreactive somata indicated in parentheses. Numbers of immunoreactive somata in brain listed next to the total number of somata of the ganglia (see also [11]). “-“ indicates absence of immunoreactivity pattern, “n.a.” (not applicable) is used if neural structure is not present or cannot be homologized with the respective neurites of the other species. Sensory cells associated with cerebral or penial ganglia in Dinophilus gyrociliatus dwarf males are included in numbers of brain or penial ganglion cells, indicated by “*”
  2. Abbreviations: br brain, com commissure, com6 commissure 6 (in D. gyrociliatus, this refers to the commissure between the ventral ganglia), cpfm circumpenial fibre mass, dpc dorsal penial commissure, mvn medioventral nerve, nsv longitudinal neurites along the seminal vesicles, osv nerve ring around the opening of the seminal vesicles, pg penial ganglion, pmn paramedian nerve, vlnc ventrolateral nerve cord, vns ventral nervous system, vpc ventral penial commissure