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Table 3 Stable isotope ratios (expressed in ‰) of microbial mats, tissues of Bathymodiolus azoricus and Oncholaimus dyvae sp. nov. nematodes at the Eiffel Tower (ET1, ET2 and ET3). Standard deviations are given in parentheses. ΔOncholaimus – muscle represents the net difference of isotopic ratios between O. dyvae sp. nov. and B. azoricus muscle

From: Ecology and trophic role of Oncholaimus dyvae sp. nov. (Nematoda: Oncholaimidae) from the lucky strike hydrothermal vent field (Mid-Atlantic Ridge)

Beggiatoa sp_mat−32.6 (0.6)−2.5 (0.1)2      
B. azoricus gill−30.6 (1.0)−12.7 (1.3)5−25.4 (4.2)−10.3 (2.1)4−31.4 (0.6)−12.2 (1.0)4
B. azoricus byssus−27.6−10.11      
B. azoricus muscle− 30.4 (0.9)−11.0 (1.6)5−28.4 (1.3)−9.1 (0.5)4−31.3 (0.6)−11.1 (0.3)4
Oncholaimus dyvae sp. nov.−24.71.91−22.83.31−25.31.41
ΔOncholaimus - muscle5.712.9 5.612.4 6.012.5