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Fig. 4

From: Ecology and trophic role of Oncholaimus dyvae sp. nov. (Nematoda: Oncholaimidae) from the lucky strike hydrothermal vent field (Mid-Atlantic Ridge)

Fig. 4

Scanning electron micrographs of Oncholaimus dyvae sp. nov. male and female secondary sexual features. a,b complex cloacal ornamentation in male with precloacal setae, precloacal papilla, fringe, spicule’s tips, c,d precloacal papilla (indicated by arrows) in male with 4 pairs of short, stout spines, e copulatory pore (vulva) in female, f lateral opening in female connected to the Demanian system, g tail tip, h caudal pore of the spinneret. Scale bars: a, b and e 20 μm, c and h 10 μm, e 5 μm, g 30 μm

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