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Fig. 1

From: Sexual, ontogenetic, and geographic variation of the Neotropical freshwater ostracod Cytheridella ilosvayi

Fig. 1

Boxplot diagrams of females, males, and juveniles (A-1, A-2, A-3) for all investigated morphological traits. Codes of podomere ratios include the abbreviation of the limb (e.g., A1) and the number of the podomere on that limb (e.g., EIII). For the limb-limb ratios (e.g., A1/T1) the sum of podomere length of a limb was used. Further details are provided by [ [24]. Boxplots of A-1 juveniles represent the total dataset (left box), specimens without reproductive anlagen (centre), and specimens with reproductive anlagen (right)

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