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Fig. 2

From: Natural selection in bats with historical exposure to white-nose syndrome

Fig. 2

Positively selected sites in bat protein structure. Sites in TRAP, ANXA1, AQP3 and BCAM highlighted in red are under positive selection (estimated by Bayes empirical Bayes) while yellow sites represent iron binding (TRAP) and calcium binding (ANXA1) sites (UniPROT P29288 and P07150, respectively). The models were created by Phyre2 structure prediction software [76], using a reference bat species protein sequence (XP_006104612.1, XP_014396764.1, XP_006758647.1, XP_015416692.1). The PTCH2 model is not included as we were unable to predict a reliable model without a high proportion of ab-initio modelled sites

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