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Table 1 Measured and calculated length dynamic of the notogaster lateral compressor (nlc; cf. Fig. 4b, c, e, Additional file 4: Figure S2). All values are given in μm except if stated otherwise

From: Life as a fortress – structure, function, and adaptive values of morphological and chemical defense in the oribatid mite Euphthiracarus reticulatus (Actinotrichida)

  Lateral nlc Medial nlc
Measured lengths Minimum length 52.7 142.9
Difference [%] 25.1 13.8
Maximum length 70.4 165.7
Calculated lengthsa Contraction about 50% 35.2 82.9
Contraction about 35% 45.7 107.7
Stretching to 115% 80.9 190.6
  1. abased on resting length of the muscle; cf. Materials and Methods, section Functional analyses