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Fig. 4

From: Life as a fortress – structure, function, and adaptive values of morphological and chemical defense in the oribatid mite Euphthiracarus reticulatus (Actinotrichida)

Fig. 4

Schematic drawings of Euphthiracarus reticulatus showing medial cross sections of modeled natural (with real areas at 85% size in the background; b, c) and theoretical states (a, d). Note the angles (above and below) between the different plates. Circles indicate position of joints between different ventral plates. e Dynamics of the notogaster lateral compressor (nlc) in the course of enptychosis (time is rounded). The solid lines refer to the primary axis and show the length of the nlc, whereas the dotted lines refer to the secondary axis and show the normalized change in length (where 0 represents the extended state and 1 the encapsulated state)

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