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Fig. 2

From: Life as a fortress – structure, function, and adaptive values of morphological and chemical defense in the oribatid mite Euphthiracarus reticulatus (Actinotrichida)

Fig. 2

3D model containing all exoskeletal and muscular features associated with ptychoidy in Euphthiracarus reticulatus. Please see Additional file 14 containing the interactive 3D content. Within this file, various presets for different views are available. The gladius of the preanal apodeme is part of the apodematal complex of the holoventral plates, but for better visualization modeled as a separate material. Muscle color corresponds to one of the four muscle systems: shades of red, dorsoventral muscles of the prosoma (DVP); shades of turquoise, endosternal division of the prosoma (EDP); shades of purple, longitudinal division of the prosoma (LDP); shades of green, opisthosomal compressor system (OCS); shades of orange, muscles not associated with any of the four above mentioned systems

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