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Fig. 6

From: Three new species of the fairy shrimp Eubranchipus Verill, 1870 (Branchiopoda: Anostraca) from northern Japan and far Eastern Russia

Fig. 6

Male Eubranchipus uchidai. (a) Left head anterior view, (b) Frons anterior view, (c) Posteromedial view of right antennal appendage with lateral view of left second antenna, (d) Right second antenna distal antennomere anteromedial view, (e) Right fifth leg ventral view, (f) Ventral view of head with posterior view of second antennas, (g) Left second antenna distal antennomere anterior view, (h) Left antennal appendage anterior view, (i) Left gonopod ventral view. Scale bars: A, C, F, H = 1 mm; B, D, E, G = 0.5 mm; I = 0.25 mm

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