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Fig. 3

From: Indigenous house mice dominate small mammal communities in northern Afghan military bases

Fig. 3

Comparison of partial DNA sequences of the DPOL gene of MmusRHV1 from Mus musculus specimens collected in Afghanistan, Germany and the United Kingdom to a reference sequence from Germany. All sequences from Afghanistan originated from Camp Marmal (Mazar-e-Sharif (MeS)), whereas all sequences from the United Kingdom originated from Liverpool (LIV). Sequences from Germany resulted from specimens trapped in Northern (N) Germany (Roklum (ROK)), Central (C) Germany (Cologne (COL) and Leverkusen (LEK)), Southwest (W) Germany (Saarbrücken (SBR)) as well as South (S) Germany (Radolfzell (RAZ)). Nucleotide exchanges in the DPOL sequence of MmusRHV1 strains are marked. Included sequences were generated in this study (Afghanistan: 5, Cologne: 6, Saarbrücken: 2, Radolfzell: 1; n = 14) or have been determined in a reference study (Leverkusen: 9, Roklum: 22, Liverpool: 4; n = 35; [17])

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