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Fig. 5

From: Micro-CT imaging of live insects using carbon dioxide gas-induced hypoxia as anesthetic with minimal impact on certain subsequent life history traits

Fig. 5

Principal component analysis (PCA) of TAW adult life history post CO2 anesthetic exposure. a PCA scores plot. Treatments that are grouped together produce similar effects on the recovery, longevity, and mating of true armyworm adults post-anesthesia. b PCA loadings plot. The effects of prolonged CO2 exposure on live insect physiology are temporal, being more prominent at the early stage of recovery. These effects lessen for processes occurring beyond recovery from post-CO2 in TAW adults. Recov_Sign = vitality sign (min); Tmin = Minimum time for first movement (min); Walk = walking time (min); Flip = Flipping time (min); Full_Recov = Full recovery time (min); Longe_R = Longevity ratio; and Mating_inci = Mating incidence (%)

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