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Fig. 2

From: Micro-CT imaging of live insects using carbon dioxide gas-induced hypoxia as anesthetic with minimal impact on certain subsequent life history traits

Fig. 2

3D-CT reconstruction of live anesthetized 1 week-old female (♀) and male (♂) Colorado potato beetle adults. Sagittal views of (a) 3D-volume of insect body exoskeleton at 20 μm isotropic voxel spacing; (b) 3D-MPR (multi-planar reformatted) views of the insect body illustrating internal structures; and (c) insect body depicting the tracheal system. These 3D images for Protocol 1 (highest noise; lowest X-ray dose), 3 (optimal), and 5 (lowest noise; highest X-ray dose) allow qualitative comparison of image quality (improving from left to right), noise (decreasing from left to right), and dose (increasing from left to right; see Additional files 7: Videos S1, Additional files 8: Videos S1 and Additional files 9: Videos S2, Additional files 10: Videos S2 for female and male adults, respectively). While the images from Protocol 5 are of the highest quality, the conspicuity of internal structures from the Protocol 3 images are sufficient and spare the individual the higher anesthetic and radiation dose

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