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Fig. 3

From: Rediscovering a forgotten canid species

Fig. 3

Median-joining network of canid haplotypes based on cytochrome b (380 bp). Circle size and branch lengths are proportional to haplotype frequency and number of mutational steps among haplotypes, respectively. Nucleotide sequences of C. lupus, C. lupaster and C. aureus are represented based on their geographic sources as follows: SWE = Sweden, ISR = Israel, CHI = China, CAN = Canada, IND = India, UKR = Ukraine, OMA = Oman, N.A. = North Africa (Algeria Egypt Mali and Morocco), MUR = Mauritania, KEN = Kenya, ETH = Ethiopia, SEN = Senegal, ALE = Algeria), MAL = Mali, AFG = Afghanistan; SER = Serbia ISR = Israel and EGY = Egypt, USA = United States of America. Details of nucleotide sequences used are presented in the Supplementary Information (Additional file 2: Table S3)

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