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Table 9 Quantitative scores for species delimitation of the two Blue Chaffinch taxa teydea (Tenerife) and polatzeki (Gran Canaria), following the scoring system of Tobias et al. [20]

From: Species-level divergences in multiple functional traits between the two endemic subspecies of Blue Chaffinches Fringilla teydea in Canary Islands

Trait type Most divergent character teydea vs. polatzeki Effect size (Cohen’s d) Score
Morphology Bill length (males) 3.43 2
Song Frequency (MHz) change in 1st phrase −9.08a 3
Change in max amplitude from 1st to 2nd phrase 3.58a 2
Male colouration Colouration wing bar (PC1) −3.65 2
Colouration back (PC1) 1.90 1
Black band on forehead (faint vs. marked) Minor 1
  Total score   11
  1. acalculated from Sangster et al. ([37]; Table 3)