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Table 7 Estimates of pairwise population divergence in song structure between populations of Common Chaffinches and Blue Chaffinches

From: Species-level divergences in multiple functional traits between the two endemic subspecies of Blue Chaffinches Fringilla teydea in Canary Islands

Population A Population B Divergence
Iberia - Montseny North Europe - Holland 0.0770
Iberia - Montseny Britain - Hampshire 0.0642
Azores - Faial Azores - São Miguel 0.0096
Iberia - Montseny Azores - Faial 0.0960
Iberia - Montseny Common Chaffinch - Gran Canaria 0.1126
Blue Chaffinch - Tenerife Blue Chaffinch - Gran Canaria 0.1440
Blue Chaffinch - Tenerife Azores - Faial 0.1250
Blue Chaffinch - Gran Canaria Iberia - Montseny 0.0652
  1. The divergence score represents the degree to which songs were closer to their own population’s spatial median than to that of the other population. The table illustrates that the two Blue Chaffinch populations were more divergent than any other pair of populations