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Fig. 2

From: Host-parasite ecology, behavior and genetics: a review of the introduced fly parasite Philornis downsi and its Darwin’s finch hosts

Fig. 2

The association between year of study and in-nest Darwin’s finch mortality attributed to Philornis downsi. The data are for Darwin’s finch nests sampled across Santa Cruz, Floreana, and Isabela Islands from publications listed in Table 1. Each data point represents the average in-nest mortality from P. downsi for all study species per publication when the study period was 1–3 years. For publications that spanned >3 years, we used the mortality percentage for the first year of study and the last year of study. Overall, in-nest mortality was 55 ± 6.2 % (mean ± se). There was a non-significant trend for 66 % higher in-nest mortality (r = 0.398, N = 22, P = 0.060) and mortality increased from 23 ± 9.5 % in 2000 to 68 ± 22.0 % in 2013

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