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Fig. 1

From: Host-parasite ecology, behavior and genetics: a review of the introduced fly parasite Philornis downsi and its Darwin’s finch hosts

Fig. 1

The number of Philornis downsi (larvae and pupae) per Darwin’s finch nest across year of study for Santa Cruz, Floreana, and Isabela Islands. The data are from Table 1. Each data point represents the average P. downsi intensity for all study species per publication when the study period was 1–3 years. For publications that spanned >3 years, we used the intensity for the first year of study and the last year of study. The linear regression was significant (r = 0.418, N = 25, P = 0.034). The total intensity per nest was not corrected for nestling age at death. In 2000, the P. downsi intensity (mean ± se) per nest for all species combined and averaged across all studies was 29 ± 10.8; during 2013 this number had increased to 51 ± 20.5

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