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Table 2 Collection field sites in Turkey and specimen descriptions. Depositions in the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, PA (ANSP) and Cukurova University Parasitology Museum, Adana, Turkey (CUPM)

From: A new species of Hirudo (Annelida: Hirudinidae): historical biogeography of Eurasian medicinal leeches

Locality Province Designation Catalogue number Type Coordinates Elev.
Hirudo sulukii n. sp.
Kara Lake Adiyaman HS1 CUPM-HIR/2016-1 Para 37°59'35"N
1233 m
HS2 CUPM-HIR/2016-2 Para
Sülüklü Lake Gaziantep HS3 CUPM-HIR/2016-3 Para 37°18'12" N
877 m
HS4 ANSP G1 19489 Para
HS5 ANSP G1 19488 Holo
Segirkan wetland Batman HS6 CUPM-HIR/2016-4 Para 37°51'46"N
525 m
HS7 CUPM-HIR/2016-5 Para